Social Awareness for the Youth


June 2019

Work Under:

General Design Office




Brand Identity

To support the advocacies for the voice of the youth, I have come up with a campaign concept which aims to create a safe and honest environment for the youth of all ages, races, genders, physical disabilities, and social classes. It also aspires to provide social and emotional learning through blog posts and educational materials

The youth has been no exception when it comes to discrimination. More often than not, one cannot speak out due to their demographic characteristics. They’re a very large and significant part of our population, and therefore, they deserve to be given a chance to have a SAY about our society and the world in its entirety.

This logotype is inspired by speech bubbles or balloons which represent communication or human thoughts. You may also notice that in each letter, there are touching points between speech bubbles. These represent connectedness and unity – we connect through empathy, our experiences, and stories. This idea is something that I want to establish in this logotype. I combined all of these to form the organization’s initials. Collectively, this represents freedom of expression, unity, and connectedness. The geometric styling of the logotype represents stability and equality.

I chose to use Helvetica, a simple neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface for its versatility. This helped a lot in highlighting the logotype or initials of the organization, as well as the message it intends to convey.

Helvetica’s neutrality is one of the reasons why it is very popular and is one of the most used fonts.

As the main color for this campaign, I picked green as it symbolizes life, harmony, and safety which are also what the organization truly values. I used a bright and noticeable green to make it easy to remember for better audience recall. Visuals-wise, I also included black as one of the colors to make the main color stand out whereas metaphorically speaking, it symbolizes power, protection, and authority.

You will see here logo lockups variations that can be used depending on the materials or context. This is for the details to be seen clearly wherever it appears. The logotype’s simplicity and geometric nature are what make it flexible or dynamic while maintaining the distinctive visual identity of the brand.